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Opti-Ride Car Service Station
Ngong Road, Nairobi
0718 - 77 13 14

Opti-Ride The Vident® 800 Pro Car SCANNER

Has your vehicle seemed more sluggish than usual, possibly lacking power when passing a slower vehicle or when trying to go up a hill? Has a dashboard light come on and you don’t know why?
What does a car diagnostic test tell you? Today’s modern vehicles have computer processors, microchips and sensors so if you want to know what is really going on inside your vehicle, a diagnostics test can reveal problems associated with the engine and transmission, oil and gas tanks, exhaust system, and other systems. Feel free to call Eric Okeyo now (0718-77 13 14) if you have any doubts. Scan it, fix it, Opti-Ride it!
OptiRide has this new technology The Vident® 800 Pro is a very comprehensive diagnostic system for the professional who does more than just diagnose, and combines this with ultimate user-friendliness. The Vident 800 Pro offers vehicle coverage at dealer level for more than 78 car brands. Scan it, fix it, Opti-Ride it!

Route & directions to Opti-Ride

Come and visit our service station on Ngong Road in Nairobi. We are located 4km from Karen Shopping Centre (turn right hand side at the SGR line, and then it is 60 metres from the road). Our opening hours are Monday till Saturday from 8:00 to 18:00.

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Don't drive around with service lights indicating engine, gear-box, abs or airbag trouble. Call us now (0718 - 77 13 14) or visit us to have your car diagnosed right away. Ride with pride, call Opti-Ride!

Opti-Ride Ltd.
Ngong Road, Nairobi
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Nairobi, Kenya
Office phone 0718 - 77 13 14

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